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First nine officers to start up the NY Elk's riders.

NY Elk's Riders;

This organization was formed in order to create a social riding club within the B.P.O.E. In doing so we support the common interests of our members and our lodges. We gather to ride as fellow Elk’s recreationally and for organized events that we sponsor to raise money for the Elk’s National Foundation (ENF). Since forming our charters not only have we strengthened the bonds of our own members and districts but we have made lifelong connections and friendships with Elk Riders throughout NY State and the country. As we continue to grow so does our memberships, friendships and relationships with the communities.

We not only support Elk’s but other clubs, events and the communities within NY State. We have had the honor of escorting our veterans for Honor flights and to their final resting place. Hosting fund raising events and the honor of flying our nations colors for parades.

Wherever we go, Elk’s ride with Pride.

Elk's ride with pride